The Color is Orange!


By little Red

The Color is Orange!


Under an awesome orange autumn sun, Saturday saw some incredible women in Essex County rally their community in anticipation of Tuesday’s election.


Orange, New Jersey is a small chocolate city two towns up from Newark, but it has been making some interesting news and noise of late.


On the backwards side of the ledger, their pathetically backwards Board of Education made news not long ago when they let go a cherished and highly credentialed young teacher clearly devoted to her students in Marylin Zuniga. The whole world literally came to this community in Zuniga’s defense. Yet the Board in a backward act of cowardice got ride of the young Peruvian educator who wanted to be the teacher she never had! Zuniga was canned for her students sending get well letters to Mumia Abu-Jamal!


Out of that houseburning emerged a populist black elected who refused to be on the wrong side of history and who is clearly one of the most distinguishable Black electeds in NJ now in Orange Council president Donna K. Williams.


Just prior to that controversy, Williams came out strong against police brutality, participated in the 3500 people deep march against police brutality called The Millions People March Against Police Brutality and even joined its organizers, the People’s Organization for Progress  under Lawrence Hamm, and she became an active member!


She then came out against the grain for Bernie Sanders’ insurgent candidacy for president and organized a march and rally for him in her community!


Williams was in the driver’s seat for Saturday’s Get Out The Vote also sparked up by a couple of veteran troublemakers in her chairman Lawrence Hamm and,  in the language of legendary poet Marvin X ‘resident radical’ poet, Zayid Muhammad.


But it was women who clearly were at the heart of this gathering.


Williams was joined by a fellow council member Adrienne Wooten, an incredibly modest elected official as well.


Wooten, who is originally from North Carolina, may have put the whole affair in pointed context when she told everyone that “where she is from” there is a real problem with “voter suppression.”


Not to be outdone, highly regarded psychiatrist Dr. Mindy Fullilove made a physician’s plea

“This is an election in which we get to chose between insanity in federal policy and sanity in federal policy.

“This a doctor’s plea.

“Put the sane person in the White House,” she urged.


Essex County Freeholder Brittany Timberlake put it this way.

“I’m going to be voting against hate.

“I’m going to be voting against misogyny

“I’m going to be voting against racism

“I’m going to be voting against anti-semitism

“I’m going to be voting for the first female president of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton,” she impassioned.


Elder county trailblazer Rebecca Doggett joined them as well.


What stood out clearly through all of this was the modesty and dignity of these two Black women from Orange. Both could have had so much more to say. But they were more concerned with the participation of everyone else, something rare in American politics anywhere on the contemporary landscape. More startingly, they did what we ought to see from most Black electeds:They rallied their base!


All under an awesome orange autumn sun…



Enter a captionleft:Essex County Freeholder Brittany Timberlake;Right:Orange Counsel President Donna K.Williams





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