Jersey’s Hands Up Don’t Shoot Case Takes Ugly Turn At Justice Dept Office



By ‘LittleRed

A not so funny thing happened at the US Attorney’s Office in Newark last week as the family of Jerame Reid and leading voices in their case were there to set up a meeting seeking federal intervention into that notorious police shooting.

In December, in an incident that was incredibly captured on videotape, Reid was shot seven times and killed by Bridgeton police officers with his hands up. Just two weeks ago, Cumberland County’s prosecutor’s office announced that the grand jury hearing the potential charges against the officers involved chose not to indict them.

It is against this background that the Reid family, with South Jersey leaders Walter Hudson and Jeannette Jackson, came north to Newark to the US Attorney’s Office to deliver a letter demanding federal intervention into that horrible case and to set up a meeting to discuss the issues and pressing character of the case. They were then joined by Ingrid Hill , vice chair of the People’s Organization for Progress (POP), longtime activist Zayid Muhammad, and other POP members.

Instead of being received by a representative from that office who could have politely received them and their written request and explained to them the procedures for seeking such intervention, as they expected, the party was greeted rather rudely by office personnel who immediately reprimanded them for making their request. She then insisted that no one was allowed to take pictures and did not care to receive their letter.

“So much for transparency of government here at the Justice Department,” said a very annoyed Zayid Muhammad.

Then suddenly, just moments later, several officers from Homeland Security appeared at the office and informed the party that they had been called by the office and was told to escort them out.

Angered beyond words, Jeannette Jackson, who is on the City Council for Penns Grove, NJ insisted on knowing “just who are these orders coming from, and why is that we need an escort out of the building.”

The officers politely responded that the orders came from inside the office. They told the party that they could deliver their letter, but they then would have to leave immediately afterwards.

Muhammad shook his incredulously and said simply and pointedly “we shall return.”

Not empty angry words either.

They are in fact returning on September 9th for a rally demanding intervention not only into that case, but also into two other notorious New Jersey police shootings-the Irvington case of Abdul Kamal, unarmed in front of his home when he was shot ten times in November of 2013, and the Kashad Ashford case in Lyndhurst. Ashford was unconscious at the wheel of a car that crashed into a wall when he was shot nine times in the head by State troopers and Lyndhurst police officers in September.

This is not going to be a quiet return either.

The rally will take place at the Federal Building, 970 Broad Street, Newark. Participants will gather at 4pm. For more information, please call 973 801-0001…

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