New Panthers Host Moving Tribute to Fallen Officer and Teach in on Jailed Black Power Legend!



imamjamilbanner The New Black Panther Party’s Newark chapter hosted a very moving meeting last week!
It was a teach in on the ‘Emergency Medical Condition’ of jailed freedom fighter Imam Jamil Al-Amin, perhaps better known as H Rap Brown.
The evening was as just as much a tribute their late national minister of information Fahiym RBG Ali who slain senselessly by gun violence several weeks ago!
Ali, who was also a serious citizen of the Provisional Government of Republic of New Afrika, was a committed brother who was “always available” for counsel and who knew how to keep things moving, said Sister Justice, the Party’s minister of justice.
Sharif Amenhotep, the party’s field marshall, reminded everyone how “this epidemic of gun violence amongst our people” is something we can’t “get away from” and “must be addressed.
He then recounted how the incident which took Ali’s life developed.
“It all started with a look,” he related angrily amazed.
“This young brother didn’t like how our brother looked at him.
“He was so consumed with self- hate and guilt it was almost as if he was afraid of being seen for what he was internalizing and how wrong he was.
“So he came back with a high powered weapon and just shot our brother down,” he finished with incredulity.
Baba Zayid Muhammad, leading the teach in, suggested passionately that the organization blog talk radio show that Ali hosted be renamed ‘The Fahiym RBG Ali Black Power Hour’!
Muhammad then turned his attention to Black Power legend Imam Jamil Al-Amin.
He taught the emergency situation facing the Imam cannot be appreciated without understanding how the state has been “obsessed” with Imam Jamil for decades! In homage to Ali, he first reminded everyone that the Imam was named one of the first officers of the Provisional Government (of the Republic of New Afrika) when it was declared in 1968. He then, applying the Sankofa principle, went back in order to go forward and come full circle and instructed the audience that Imam Jamil was first a “son of Louisiana,” one of the most wealthy and most brutal slave territories, that Louisiana was the landscape of one of the largest slave rebellions in North American history. He related how the Imam was someone who embodied that resistance, like Queen Mother Moore, like Huey P. Newton and Geronimo Pratt, all from Louisiana also did. How taught how he resisted nonviolence to the fullest, how he was considered SNCC’s most militant chairman, along with Kwame Ture who preceded him in that post, and just as Kwame organized the Lowndes County Freedom Organization in Alabama, applying the Malcolm X Ballot or the Bullet Doctrine, the first armed Black Panther formation, so did Imam Jamil who organized the lesser known, but just as real, Greene County formation!
“The state became so obsessed with Imam Jamil that they created a civil rights law called ‘H Rap Brown Act ‘ which made it a federal offense to foment violence across state lines, and they even sought to charge him with that very law,” he explained.
He then explained how their obsession ultimately led to their framing the Imam in the ugly Islamaphobic environment of 911 for the killing of a Black Fulton County sheriff when it was the very struggle of Imam Jamil that directly that led to the creation of Black sheriffs all throughout the south!
( Imam Jamil was convicted in 2002 shortly after the 911 incident and given ‘life without parole’!)The same judge Stephanie Manis who orchestrated his conviction would soon after be used to orchestrate the conviction of political prisoner Kamau Sadiki.
So it may sound like a small thing that started with tooth decay, but when an untreated infection has since gone into his bloodstream, caused him to lose significant weight, caused his feet to swell and most dangerously has begun to affect his breathing and he has still not seen a doctor, you better believe that they have this brave great man exactly right where they have always wanted him, dead or now near dead in their clutches, and we can not let it go down that way,” he finished emphatically.
Muhammad then gave everyone ‘homework’ which simply meant participating in the call in email mobilization.
To email the federal Bureau of Prisons, participants should go their webpage Click on Inmates and then scroll down and click on Voice of Concern and insert an email demanding that ‘Jamil Al-Amin, whose ID number is 99974-555, be seen by a doctor immediately and be given all the needed medical support indicated by that doctor!’

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