Covering up a Lynching-The Case of Alfred Wright by ‘littleRed


Covering Up A Lynching-The Ugly Case of Alfred Wright

By ‘littleRed

“They’ll lynch you in Texas as quickly as they’ll lynch you in Mississippi. Only in Texas they lynch you with a Texas ac-cent; in Mississippi they lynch you with a Mississippi accent…”

Malcolm X, The Ballot or the Bullet, April 12, 1964


                Is mainstream media apart of the cover up of the Alfred Wright lynching case? For all that has been revealed about this horrible case, revealed by the people themselves no less, it has been next to impossible to find a mainstream media article other than a sound initial investigative piece done by CNN to find an article that spells out what is known to have happened to this point in its development!

            The last people’s mobilization is awful case in point.

            On April 7th, the New Black Panther Party organized its…

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